Everyone’s Book of the Dead




Everyone’s Book of the Dead: A panoramic compendium of death, dying, the after-death states, karma and reincarnation throughout world history.

Throughout human history death has been widely feared, occasionally revered and usually misunderstood. Those of a materialistic mindset tell us that we live only once and that death spells annihilation and oblivion but these ideas are the exact opposite of the truth.

Down the ages most cultures have believed in some kind of survival of the soul and re-birth. Even now in the West dominated by Christianity and hard-nosed science belief in reincarnation is making a major comeback with around a third of people believing they will be born again.

This richly-illustrated book, the product of extensive research, explores the question of death from all angles but focuses on esoteric and occult interpretations. Its chief aims are to re-interpret and demythologise death and put it in its true context so that it is no longer feared or regarded as a tragedy.

It explores in detail notions of dying and death as well as what happens and where we go after we die. It analyses clearly and concisely the mysterious workings of the twin Laws of Karma and Reincarnation along with highly persuasive scientific evidence for re-birth. It also examines death and dying in different cultures, religions and spiritual traditions.


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(ISBN: 978-0-9561451-5-4)